Special Delivery – Glycemic Index Meals Offer Convenient Meal Delivery Features

Special Delivery – Glycemic Index Meals Offer Convenient Meal Delivery Features

Popular glycemic index based weight loss portal adds meal delivery guides and menu lists highlighting the benefits and costs associated with diet delivery programs. 

Elizabeth, CO  March 23, 2010 —

GlycemicEdge.com, a leading health and wellness nutrition site dedicated to educating consumers on the benefits of low glycemic nutrition, announced new features this week which highlight glycemic index meal delivery services.

Gaining in popularity due to its cardiovascular and diabetic friendly benefits, the glycemic index is a ranking system which identifies how individual foods are broken down into sugars and the benefits that provides in weight loss, energy levels, and overall health. 

Meal delivery programs focused on providing pre-packaged, low glycemic foods allow users to start immediately enjoying the benefits a glycemic diet provide without having to correlate all of the glycemic index chart details or lookup individual foods. 

Expanded features launched on GlycemicEdge.com include:

·        Provider Insight – A look at the mainstream "glycemic friendly delivery" providers

·        Meals & Menus – A summary of food selections and delivery options available

·        Pricing & Special Offers – Exclusive discounts and pricing options from the leading providers

Wayne Becker, editor for GlycemicEdge.com, explained "Starting a glycemic index diet can take some time.  Using a meal delivery plan which focuses on proper low glycemic balanced meals helps put your nutrition plan on auto-pilot.  Not everyone has time to research food values or understand if their food was prepared using less than ideal highly refined flours or grains.  These plans make it easy to get started – for about the same cost as you would pay to prepare your own food each day."

The meal delivery options also offer a glimpse into how the packaging process works, what to expect upon receipt of meal foods, and videos and resources related to educating users on the overall health benefits involved with adopting a low glycemic and insulin friendly health plan.

"This isn't just weight loss.  It's balanced health – with documented benefits involving cardiovascular disease, insulin levels, and even cholesterol and triglycerides.  It's not hype or fad related.  Managed meal plans like these just make it a lot easier for people to get started – and that's a good thing."

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