GI diet testimonials

We love feedback.  Its great to read it – even better to SEE.  Below are a handful of video testimonials that visitors have shared or are made available.  It’s a great way to put a public face to others who have changed their lifestyle with the glycemic diet and carb / sugar friendly nutritional awareness.

Several of these videos relate to eDiets plans.  We’ve worked closely with eDiets for more than 5 years, their members are authentic and enthusiastic supporters.  Read our full review of eDiets if you’re interested in more information.  eDiets also offers a terrific Free glycemic Index Diet profile.

Finding interactive demos and videos that visually show how great the ‘real foods’ promoted by the glycemic diet is tough to come by.  We’ve received a lot of requests from our readers for more pictures.  More videos.  More of everything that shows the types of real food you’ll get to enjoy.

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