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Starting the glycemic index diet is a lot easier with some structured help to get going on the right track. Interactive (online) plans are the cheapest way to get started – and the provider that consistently ranks #1 from our readers is eDiets – preferred by 55% of readers of GlycemicEdge.com.

We get a lot of emails from those wondering how the eDiets program works. They offer a free profile analysis featuring their Glycemic Impact diet plan – but what can you expect when you sign up? Let’s show you…

Part 1: Signing up for their Free GI Diet Profile Analysis

Pretty easy and clean process. Includes realistic goal setting and timeframes for when you want to hit your weight loss goal. Also includes BMI (body mass index) calculations.

Part 2: Inside eDiets: Progress Charts (your Diet Dashboard)

We love this. It puts all your key data into one place – including starting health points, goals, daily calorie guides, BMI levels (original, current, and goal BMI). Visual display of your weight loss by date. eDiets also provides a sliding bar and customized interactive health plans for exercise to accelerate your daily/weekly weight loss goals.

Part 3: Shopping Lists and Glycemic Index Specifics

This is where the real planning and help begins. Plans and guides specific to the Glycemic Index plan – our favorite is their interactive shopping list. It’s printable (makes it easy to hit the grocery store with low GI approved foods), plus eDiets has pre-planned low GI Meal Plans that are pre-approved to be GI friendly.

The shopping list includes categories for meat, frozen foods, produce, canned, dry goods, fruits/juices, and more (like candy – yes, candy….)

Part 4: Glycemic Index Interactive Plans and ‘jumpstart’ guides to get started

Overall, we continue to be really impressed by eDiets interactive plans. They’re cheap (about $4/week – a real bargain compared to most of their competitors) and make a huge difference — especially if you’re just getting started or thinking about getting started on a low GI diet but need help to see how it works and pick the right foods on an ongoing basis. We would like to see even more recipes and videos is one of our few gripes.

Also – eDiets (like NutriSystem, MediFast, and others) now offers a delivery plan that includes the Glycemic Index. So whether you go the online plan (do it yourself shopping) or delivery (autopilot – everything is done for you) it’s a great choice to get started. Click here to get a free GI diet profile to test it out yourself.

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