The Biggest Loser Meal Plan by eDiets

5-day or 7-Day Meal Plan – See Menu

Official Biggest Loser Diet Plan – How it Works

Biggest Loser Meal Delivery   Fans of The Biggest Loser TV show have learned how important a structured meal plan is in weight loss & nutrition.  eDiets, the largest online diet service in North America has teamed up with The Biggest Loser to create an easy to follow meal plan to help you launch your own personalized program.

Plans are available in 7-day (includes weekends) or 5-day varieties.

Designed by dieticians specifically for The Biggest Loser, users save up to 50% on freshly prepared meals and enjoy the absolute convenience that can help you jumpstart your own program.

Benefits of the eDiets Biggest Loser Meal plan include:

– Chef prepared meals.  Real food, flavorful meals, not dehydrated frozen food!

– No MSG, No Trans Fat, No artificial sweeteners

– Every menu item is Biggest Loser doctor and officials approved

– A huge menu for you to choose from.  Pick what's right for you.

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