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South Beach Phase 1 Details

One of the most popular low glycemic and smart carb diet plans of the past 5 years is the South Beach Diet.  Similar to the GI Diet, South Beach focuses on transforming your diet and metabolism by focusing on the type, rather than just the quantity, of carbohydrates.  

We first tried the South Beach Diet back in 2005.  As an admitted "carb-o-holic", I had seen my weight increase slowly over the years.  Unlike the Glycemic Index diet, South Beach does involve a rapid 'initial burn' stage.  You basically eliminate carbs for 2 weeks from your diet before reintroducing 'Good Carbs' — which effectively introduces a condition called ketosis.  It breaks the carb cravings, and for me at least led to 14# of weight loss in 2 weeks.

Starting the South Beach Diet is broken down to 3 major Phases:  

Phase 1 – Carb Cleansing Period

Phase 2 – Reintroduce 'Good' Carbs (low GI foods)

Phase 3 – Maintenance & Balance

While some plans have you counting points or measuring portions, South Beach is comparatively easy to start – but the 1st 2 weeks are tricky, making a managed online plan MUCH easier to get and keep you on the right path. 

We really like that it has a real plan – and you'll quickly see results as you work your way thru the 2 week 'Phase I' cycle. In some cases, our readers have preferred the South Beach plan over straight Glycemic Index diets because the South Beach program has more structure (and materials) published.  It can make it easier to follow & stay on track.

The first 2 weeks on South Beach are the most critical.  This is when you purge your system of all carb intake — it's very restrictive, but it's only for 2 weeks.  By completely (temporarily only!) ridding your diet of all carbohydrates your body rapidly adjusts, signaling ketosis and burning off reserves of fat and adjusting your metabolism. 

This wasn't just "water loss" weight as in some fad diets — it was fat and we felt an immediate boost in energy.  I won't lie and say it was easy — I loved my carbs, but for 2 weeks I could handle it and I really could feel my metabolism cleansing and adjusting.

These first 2 weeks, knowing exactly what you can eat is absolutely critical — and it's where an online plan that can help you with food list, all important snack lists (you'll be eating a lot of eggs, nuts, cheese, meat — don't worry, salads and even breads / some pasta can be reintroduced in Phase 2 – hang on!).  The South Beach Diet online plan and free profile really help your success rate.  You'll want to get this right – get help to make it through…

More About South Beach and the Phased Approach to Nutrition

In step 1, you 'Banish your Cravings.'  Don't worry, its not forever — just 14 days.  Its a necessary step, as you cleanse your system and remove carbohydrates from your system.In step 2, you reintroduce carbs.  Yes, you can have carbohydrates (unlike some other carb avoiding plans, such as Atkins).  You will learn how foods relate, what are 'good carbs' as opposed to bad, and learn about yourself in the process. Step 3 introduces you to the lifestyle and teaches you the final elements to maintain your health.

Editor Comments about South Beach Diet

We really liked the South Beach approach as it is a more formal diet with specific phases.  For some reason that really appealed to us – we knew the south beach diet phase 1 period would be hard but knew it only lasts 14 days.  Make it through the 14 days and we not only lost weight but learned food types, reintroduced carbs, and saw our energy level truly increase.  It was great – even though the 14 days were tough.  I actually had dreams about "Frosted Mini Wheats" – seriously…  🙂

Be sure to share your own stories / experiences with Phase 1 of the South Beach plan to help other readers.  Comments are invited below.

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