Glycemic Index of Meat and Chicken

Meats and chicken perform relatively well on the Glycemic Index food list, since by it's nature it's a measure of carbohydrates and sugars and the corresponding change in blood glucose that's released during the digestive process.

glycemic index food listThat's good news for many, though like all foods it's best to keep your red meat intake at reasonable levels. 

Enjoy these foods as many can help provide the core for your main entree, maintaining a GI score < 55.

Don't forget fish, chicken, and turkey.
Use sauces and saute' sparingly.

We will be adding to this listing as additional foods are tested and added to the GI database.

  Meat, Chicken, or Fish Glycemic Index Score
glycemic index of sweet & sour chicken and noodles Sweet & Sour Chicken w/Noodles 41
glycemic index of French Style Chicken Lean Cuisine French Style Chicken 36
glycemic index of beef caserole Beef casserole 53
glycemic index of chicken nuggets Chicken Nuggets, frozen 46
glycemic index of fish fingers Fish Fingers 38
glycemic index of sausage Sausages (varying types) 28
glycemic index of hamburger Hamburger (beef patty, ketchup, pickle, onion, mustard, bun) 66
glycemic index of sushi Sushi, roasted 55

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