Low GI Foods May Help You Sleep

The benefits of a low GI diet have been well documented and followed by millions.

oz1But how could you use insights about food and GI to actually help you sleep?

It may seem counter productive, but just as eating a low GI diet helps you prevent swings in insulin and keeps energy levels high, eating foods with a high GI score can actually help you sleep as you take advantage of the opposite effect.  Now before you go overstuffing yourself regularly (not recommended!), the idea here isn’t to have this become a habit.

Some research, including that from Dr. Oz as reported on the Examiner, note that you can help yourself fall asleep 49% faster by eating foods with a high GI, like potatoes or rice or some breads.

If you’ve ever induldged in a late night pasta binge, then felt the gravitational force of your bed pulling you to its peaceful embrace, now you know why.  It’s not just that it was a heavy meal, eaten late (never a recommended path but in real life it happens sometimes), and as your digestion takes over and releases a spike in insulin to counter-act and break down the sugars and carbs you feel suddenly overwhelmed with fatigue and low energy.

The research from Dr. Oz kind of made me think “well…, of course.  Everyone knows that.” but at the same time it’s interesting to see the medical community talking about GI foods and their interactions.

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