New Low GI Potato?

In a clear demonstration that the low glycemic index (GI) movement continues to hit mainstream, developers in Canada and the mega food developer Con Agra are in tests with a new type of potato that has a low GI profile, far lower than a traditional russet or red potato.

For carb lovers and all things potato based, the results could be a haven.  With low GI foods, blood glucose levels rise only gradually — which makes for diabetes friendly (or friendlier) and hunger spike resistant results. It could mean french fries and even a simple baked potato could make it on the moderate or even low GI menu list of "approved" foods, satisfying both desires and menu options for tens of thousands of GI diet adopters.

So far, there's no scientific results that we've seen as far as the official GI levels of the foods, nor their prognosis or timetable for when they would be hitting store shelves.  As soon as we hear more, we'll let you know!

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