10 of the Best Tasting Low Glycemic Foods

So you've started to learn about the glycemic index diet and how foods glycemic load impacts your nutrition.  Perfect.  

You know some of the basics, how high glycemic load and high glycemic index rated foods spike your blood sugar and should be avoided.  Breaking the cycle of rapid insulin bursts in your bloodstream and the benefits of weight loss, energy levels, and reduced hunger are within your reach – but what are some of the best low GI foods?!

For a comprehensive list of food types, their glycemic load and GI scores, take a look at our Glycemic Index Chart page.  You'll find hundreds of foods organized by type.  

For those looking for a faster, shorter list, here's some of my personal favorites.  

Low GI Food – 10 Surprisingly Good and Easy Choices!

Dark Rye Bread.  That's right – bread.  I've always loved bread.  I'm a carbaholic, I admit it.  
With a GI of 51 and a Glycemic Load of 6 (10 and under is considered 'low' = good) you can enjoy yourself.  

Milk.  I know, milk has carbs, and it's more of a drink.  But I love it, it's filling, and is packed with vitamins.
Less processed whole milk has an even lower GI (27) and Glycemic Load (3) than Skim milk.  

Grapes.  Snack food.  Check.  I like to freeze mine (seedless) – perfect for hot days.  
Only has a Glycemic Load of 8 and a GI of 46.  Oranges are a close second (higher in sugar, but both score safe…)

Fettucine, egg based.  I love my pasta, which makes a low GI meal tough.  This is one of the best options though.
The more al dente the better.  Takes it longer to digest, minimizes the insulin release.  
Technically not a low Glycemic Load, but it's in the medium area.  GI of 32 and Glycemic Load of 15.  

Chicken Nuggets.  Yes, not just those for 12 year olds.  Since they're breaded they do have carbs, but it's manageable.
While it's better to go with regular lean chicken breasts, these are fast & convenient easy options.
With a GI of 46 and a glycemic load of 7, they're an easy option.

Pizza.  Yes, I said it.  I'm guilty.  And I love it.  Could eat it every day.  A slide of a Pizza Hut Supreme Pizza (thin and crispy) is surprisingly tasty and safe.
Has a GI of 30 and a Glycemic Load of only 7.  In moderation you can still be in the "low" glycemic zone.  Heck ya!

Pancakes.  Made from coconut flour.  Great for breakfast.  Or dinner at my house… 
Has a Gi of 46 and a Glycemic Load of 10.

Banana Smoothie.  Filling and tasty.  Good for anytime.  I like mine following a workout.
Glycemic Load of 8 and GI of 30.

Cereal – Kellog's All-Bran.  Filling and high in fiber.  I add a little artificial sweetener to mine.  
Glyemic load of 8 and GI of 38.

Yogurt.  I know, sounds boring, but it's portable, fast, and most are entirely enjoyable and safe to eat with low GI scores.
Reduced fat strawberry has a GL of 9 and a GI score of just 28. 

If you haven't guessed, lean meats and other foods inherently carb free are not on this list.  Fish and chicken are favorites of mine as well, but I omitted them from this list as the intent for glycemic load / index food types are to show foods based on their type and how their carbohydrates are ingested during the digestion process. 

Another honorable mention to most of the vegetable selections — but I didn't want this to be an all vegan list.  Suffice it to say most vegetables are safe to run with (see our list for specific values and scores, as some do have higher sugar levels) — I chose not to focus on them in this list.  

Check out the benefits a low GI lifestyle provides!  Food choices don't have to be bland to be low GI friendly!

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