What’s Your Worst Offending Glycemic Index Food Craving?!

Ah, the glycemic index.  Whether you’re talking about glycemic index load or low glycemic index foods, many nutritionists are locked in to the low GI lifestyle.

But what about your guilty cravings?  What’s the highest GI foods that you know you should avoid – but secretly crave.  Badly?!

Here’s a handful of choices for me personally:

White Bagel – GI of 95.

Ah, I’m a carb a holic.  I admit it.  And an Einstein bagel (or a dozen of them) we’re once a regular habit for me.  It’s not sourdough.  It’s not dark rye.  Just a sesame or poppy bagel.  Nice.

Regular Spaghetti – GI of 58.

Sure, you’ve switched to whole wheat pasta and learned to like it.  You cook it al dente and it makes the absorbtion and conversion into glucose slower.  But every once in awhile I crave regular pasta.  Thick pasta.  Soft.  I’m guilty.

Baked Russet Potato – GI of 111, GL of 33.

You remember these.  So simple, yet delicious.  I see them on the counter at Sprouts or Whole Foods, pre-cooked and ready for about $2 and salivate every time but usually maintain my discipline.

But they’re missed and my carb cravings sometimes, rarely, get the better of me.  Just stating the truth.

CoCo Pops Cereal – GI of 77.

Yes I know, of course they’re crap and full of sugar.  The GI in this case is less about hidden sugar from carbs being converted into glucose — it’s largely direct sugar.  But since I was a kid these we’re one of my favorites and I still miss them, especially during football season / weekends when I’d enjoy a bowl.

Sometimes it’s just good to dream.

What are your secret cravings?  Come on, I know I’m not the only one!

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