South Beach Food While Travelling

We we're travelling the other day and realized just how hard it is to stick to a meal plan while on the road.

It's not just the fact that we we're finishing up the phase 1 of south beach, it's a little tougher to follow any plan when you're on the road.  Your routine is messed up, your focus is distracted, and you usually just don't have as much time to prepare as you would like.

We we're up in Canada and the usual far of fast food confronted us at nearly every turn.

Sometimes it's just the way it goes.  We had stopped upon entering Canada to pick up some travel money, and I had a big case of the munchies.  

The kids are non stop eating machines, and so even though it's easy to say "bring your own food and prepare" in reality convenience sometimes wins.  I was strong, went ahead and got a burger and tossed out the bun and salvaged what I could.  But it was still tough.

None of this is really new — but take it from us, we know Phase 1 is tough.  Stick with it — you have company in your solitude!

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  • Good post. I've had an awful time finding healthy food in restaurants. I have food allergies and have been told I'm pre-diabetic so eating out is a problem. 

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