Realistic Nutrition for the New Year

Bring on the new year and realistic nutrition plans.

After eating my 10th chocolate peanut cluster that my grandfather brought on Christmas, reality came crashing back home. I've got to get back in gear and on a more structured nutrition and weight loss plan for the new year.

weight loss new years resolution

I'm not talking about fad diets, those awful gimmicky late night commercials pushing man girdles, diet in a pill 'burn' solutions, or ridiculous hang upside down exercise equipment.  Who do these marketers think we are anyway?  

No, I'm talking about realistic wellness plans.  Nutrition plans that teach you how foods affect your metabolism, the role your diet and digestion has on your blood sugar and energy levels (yes, even for those who aren't diabetic or pre-diabetic).  Having focused on heart health and realistic nutrition plans, especially for parents and working adults, two similar plans have consistently bubbled to top which present realistic plans that enable real weight loss.  

Low Glycemic Diet – Focuses on teaching you to select foods that are low or moderate on the glycemic index, controlling your blood sugar and digestion.  

South Beach Diet – Similar but includes a 2-week "rapid carb detox" phase that drives rapid weight loss, then reintroduces "good carbs" and focuses on blood sugar and digestion

If you're trying to find the right plan for your new year's resolution and are tired of the fad and gimmicks that are virtually everywhere, these are both great options.  You'll learn nutrition approaches that you can use the rest of your life.  I've researched both of these plans extensively, having lost my father to heart disease and can attest how effective both can be when followed.  

Both plans offer an online version which helps you jump start your diet.  This is a HUGE help, as the first 10-14 days are the most challenging because you're learning how to get started, adjusting to new foods, and getting support to ensure you're on the right path. 

Get started today — I know I am.  Those peanut clusters pushed me over the top!

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