Turkey Bacon and Eggs – South Beach Diet Style

Losing weight on the South Beach Diet plan happens a lot easier when you're not starving yourself.

south beach diet phase 1

Whether you're on south beach diet phase 1, phase 2, or just a maintenance phase, my favorite and most basic approach was to find foods that I like but offer at least a little bit of variety.  Say hello to eggs and Turkey Bacon. 

I ate it for breakfast.  Sometimes for dinner.  And almost every day.  And I actually enjoyed it!

OK, the limited diet on South Beach during the first 2 weeks takes some work to get used to compared to a low glycemic diet or other plan.  I guess I can count myself lucky that I found a safety food that was acceptable during all the phases of South Beach that I actually liked.

If you haven't tried the low fat lean mix of turkey bacon, give it a try.  Combine it with seasoned eggs and enjoy!

South Beach Diet - Start Losing Weight Today

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