Moving on to Phase 2 of South Beach

Having completed the first 2 weeks of the South Beach diet, I'm overjoyed to move on to the 2nd phase.

If you haven't gone through it, take a look at the south beach diet phase 1 food list to see what you've missed.  In short, phase 1 is a brutal march of compliance and temptation (for me at least) but it's well worth the hassle, as I lost 13# and feel SO much more energetic.

To make matters a bit more tolerable, I not only am treating myself to phase 2 foods on south beach, but I'm also experimenting with some ways to make sticking with phase 2 easier — by going with a meal delivery plan.  Be sure to check out our updated diet meal delivery review, which includes pricing comparisons and menu samples from the leading companies.

The plan I have chosen to use and follow is Diet to Go, which has received great reviews from our readers and boasts a huge variety of fresh foods (not the reconstituted frozen fare done by Nutrisystem and others).

I love their choice of food, like the chicken wings shown above and the options shown below.  I am SO glad to be on to phase 2 so I can eat real food again, albeit within the phase 2 guidelines!

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