South Beach Diet – Day 5 and 6

2 more days down, and an important lesson learned.

Overall, this 3rd time is a charm (my 3rd time doing South Beach since 2005) is by FAR the easiest.  I'm avoiding a lot of mistakes that I didn't know we're mistakes as far as making my life easier to get through phase 1.  

So what lesson and mistake am I referring to?  Tuesday night (day 5) was not really hard, but I did cause more pain to myself than I probably needed.  What did I do?  I had to prepare dinner.  And it was different meals, mine and the kids.  So the kids we're dying for grilled cheese sandwiches.  And Macaroni & Cheese.  Doh.  That was tough.  Seeing them eat hasn't been tough, but I realized it's been my wife doing to preparation while I just made my own.  We sat together, but I didn't actually prepare theirs (feeling, hearing, smelling the sizzle of grilling bread with butter and cheese, you get the torment….)

Sounds like a small thing and I guess it is, but avoiding situations like that is an obvious recommendation.  If you do prepare, it's obviously better that everyone eat the same thing — ok, I get that, the books say that, but come on — it's not always realistic is it?  

Just try and minimize it.  I suffered — a little, not a lot.

In the meantime, have kept up egg intake in the morning.  Not quite sick of them yet but getting there.  Adding lemon pepper helps, give it a little zing.  Have had lean turnkey patties too (Jenni-O lean low fat packaged) which I like – really good.  My mom made me some on her Foreman Grill (does that make us a little redneck?) and I remembered to try them.  Really good.  Mustard is ok, no carbs or sugar, minimal calories.  Last night tried as I was in a hurry the Tyson packaged chicken (precooked) that is in bite sized bits.  That was nasty, lots of fat and cleanup and bits so small you couldn't even manage them.  The Tyson that are in strips' rather than bite sized cubes was better, easier to clean up, but was still not nearly as good as cooking fresh.  I was desperate and short on time though.

I'm right at 5 pounds lost now and counting.  On pace (week 2 is when I usually really shed weight) to hit my goal of 15-20#.  Haven't cheated at all – so kudo's to me.  For some reason it continues to be very feasible and minimal cravings.  

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