South Beach Diet – Day 4

No problems today on Day four of South Beach.

Staying busy still helps.  Today is a Monday,  began with eggs (3 of them).  Go figure…

Lunch was better today, with a prepackaged chicken salad from Wal-Mart for about $3.  Threw out the croutons and dressing of course.

Snacked liberally on cheese sticks and almonds and peanuts.

Dinner was a bit more salad + a rather sizable 90% lean hamburger with a little cheese on top (while everyone else had tacos).  Not too bad.  Picked up No Sugar Added Fudge Cicles and some Sugar Free popcicles.  That's the treat tonight.  

Surprisingly, this was the easiest day for the South Beach regimen so far for me. Had 2 people at work tell me my face looked thinner (cool!).  Weighed myself Sunday morning and was down 3.5# (first thing in the morning).  Feeling good!

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