South Beach Diet – Day 3

Easter is here.  Food.  Lots of food.  Except for me.

Ok, so today will be a short post.  Just returned from a family dinner at my in laws.  I forgot to plan accordingly and paid for it, as all I could eat at dinner that was South Beach Diet Phase 1 compliant was the main course, a baked ham.  That was great, and I had 2 heaping portions.

Problem is, that as literally the only thing on the menu I could eat.  Carrots with honey?  Nope.  Mashed potatoes?  Sorry.  Those lovely, friendly and fluffy Grands (a double helping no less) we're out of the question.  Other potato dishes – nah.  Normally there is salad but not this time.  

I started the day off with eggs (how my wife makes them fluffy and tasty and I make them flat and bland I don't know) which continues to be my secret weapon.  Cravings we're actually quite minimal.

Now I'm hope and munching on salad.  Cravings actually not bad — just visions of those Grands are painful though.  Especially when I had to butter my 10-year old's Grand!

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