South Beach Diet – Day 2

Day 2 – Progress Report.

Today was another easier than expected day.  I was in an all day class with my wife.  I remembered to bring my pistachio's, cheese sticks, and drinks.

More importantly, I started the day (despite having to get up at 5am and having to get us and the dogs and the kids ready) with 3 scrambled eggs.  Those eggs and their protein are key, as they help with a feeling of fullness.  These are important when doing the Phase 1 part of South Beach.

Classes today (a Saturday) went for over 9 hours.  We we're so busy I didn't really think about eating, though I did snack on the pistachio's.

Ok, i'm hungry now but not too bad.  My wife forgot to bring lunch so we stopped @ Walmart and she got Subway.  Ya, the bread smelled good, and I expected my cravings to kick in to where I wanted to jump acros the counter — but that didn't happen. I was fine actually.  Those carb cravings have been very tolerable so far – I'm really surprised.

Then home, salad, radishes, no dressing.  And of course more mozerella cheese sticks – and some more nuts.  I also ate the other half of the oven backed chicken.  I cheat a teeny tiny bit with my barbeque sauce (has carbs) — but it's minimal and keeps me going.

I'm a little scared — this is going easier than I expected!

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