South Beach Diet – Day 1

OK, I couldn't take it any longer and almost on a whim I restarted the South Beach Diet (Phase 1) this morning.

I'm 40 and my mid section from the winter has steadily expanded.  I'm 213# (but I"m 6' 2") but just not liking the way I look.  I tend to keep my weight in my face (chin area and neck) and my gut — though when clothed you really can't tell.  Well, mostly.

None of that matters though — I'm feeling like a fat dude and worse, my energy levels have plummeted.  It didn't happen overnight but I sure went over the tipping point overnight. 

I've done South Beach successfully 3x since 2005, so I know what to expect.  Normally I gear up, do my up front food shopping to be ready, and wait so I'm not travelling, etc.  Not this time.  I need to strike while motivation is high.  Work and jobs are heavy right now, and I'm feeling pretty taxed — but hey, there's no time like the present.  I figure if I'm already bit angry I might as well channel that energy and turn it into something positive.

The first 2 weeks of South Beach (I know from experience) are tough.  But it works better than any other diet plan for me personally.  The weight literally sheds off of me, maybe become I'm a total carbaholic. 

So off I went to work this morning, had to be in the office early before 7am, and all I could grab on the fly that was available was:

  1. a bag full of peanuts
  2. a handful of 5 low-fat cheese sticks
  3. a very small salad, dry

Not unlike the last couple of times, today (day 1) hasn't been that bad.  It's 8:17pm now in Denver and I'm stunned that today was far easier than the other times.  Maybe it's because I was so busy I had little time to dwell on food.  Maybe it's because I've done this before so didn't have to even think about what foods we're ok for phase 1.  Who knows — but it was easy.

Dinner tonight was baked skinless chicken breast. I'll admit, I go a little over on portions on chicken — I actually don't pay as much attention to portion size as I perhaps should.  I drank a ton of water today too, including 2 huge 64 oz. Broncos mugs.  I didn't drink soda but did have coffee today — using chemical creamer rather than my half and half.

So I'm on my way.  My body won't hit it yet but in another few days as the absence of carbohydrates, sugar, and fat are realized and my system begins to experience ketosis. 

In the meantime, day 1 is in the books, and 13 days away to get through Phase 1.  Phase 1 is tough, but Phase 2 is a piece of cake and I look forward to eating pasta and bread again (whole wheat past/bread) and cereal…  Even my favorite that I'm sure I'll begin craving — Frosted Mini Wheats.  It must be the 'crunching'.  I actually plan on transitioning to the Glycemic Index — but I prefer the "fast" weight loss & results of Phase 1 of South Beach as, well, I'm inpatient and want to see immediate results (not just water loss).

Today was easy.  Feels like a dream.  Well tomorrow I am attending an all day firearms safety & CCW class — 10 hours on a Saturday with my wife.  I stopped and loaded up on groceries — so I have ample snacks and compliant foods.  Stay tuned for day 2's 'tolerance report'!

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