South Beach Diet – Day 9 and 10

Progress.  I made it through the weekend (barely) but have good results to show.

I was surprised when I got on the scale (I only get on every other morning) and I'm at 9.5# lost at the 10 day mark complete.  That's about on track for where I thought, and in the past week 2 goes faster (more weight loss and energy) than week 1.

That was a brutally tough weekend but I made it.  

That said, I did cheat and have to come clean.  I do eat barbeque sauce with my meat.  I just can't seem to stomach it any other way.  Yes, it has some carbs but in moderation and minimized I'm not too worried about it.

Yesterday was baked chicken, green beans, more salad.  I had conflicting information on whether I could make chili (it has chili beans and kidney beans and lean ground beef + tomato sauce) – would make it a nice Phase 1 diet variety giver — but the carb counts in the beans are really high and I couldn't get a clear read on if it was ok or not so I skipped it.  4 more days to go — I'm craving still but I know I'll make it and getting to that 10# point is a big emotional lift!

A few more days and I'll be on Phase 2 and mixing it with low glycemic index foods.

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