South Beach Diet – Day 11 thru 14

Finally – the finish line.  Tonight is the final step and completion of Phase 1!

It's been quite a haul.  In some ways it took forever.  In another it was over before I knew it.  Last weekend sure was tough, but the results are great and I feel great.

A co-worker today even yelled down the hall that I was "looking skinny."  That was great to hear!

But I'm SO glad to be finished and able to move on to real food, as Phase 2 of south beach seems like a walk in the park compared to what I've just been through.

I purchased whole grain pasta and whole grain bread at Sprouts, and have had fun the last couple days planning what my "freedom" meal was going to be tomorrow.

For tomorrow morning, I plan on introducing oatmeal so it's not just eggs.  That's going to be sweet!  And those dreams of Frosted Mini Wheats- I can now act on them along with Skim Milk.  That's a small price to pay for being able to eat again, including fruit.  Now moving on to the glycemic index food list.

Now that Phase 1 is over (and don't be tempted to stay on it solely to lose a little extra weight, because the nutrition and limited diet is fine for 2 weeks but is not intended nor balanced enough for an extended time period – if not sure or worried, check with your doctor).

Final thoughts.  Difficulty to complete (0-10) = 7.  It wasn't easy, it also wasn't the hardest thing I've ever done.  I ended up losing 14#, and it was more evenly distributed than I experienced back in 2005.  Avoid temptations and having to prepare your kids meals if you can, and stay busy.  Be a contrarian and begin the diet when you have a packed/busy schedule, not when you're on vacation or have some extra availability at home.

Good luck!

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