Hypoglycemia Diet

Hypoglycemia relates to low levels of blood glucose in the blood.  As the body's primary source of energy and fuel, when glucose levels fall too low you have insufficient amounts of fuel to function normally.  This can lead to extreme fatigue, sluggishness, and more damaging symptoms.

Hypoglycemia is most commonly treated with medication used for diabetes and/or a diet modification.  A diet for hypoglycemics is a balance between strictly managing your blood glucose levels and moderating the risk of hypoglycemia.  Foods such as alcohol, consuming large amounts of food (large portions), and other tendencies should be avoided.  Hypoglycemic diets often involves specific sugar and carbohydrate blends of foods to help manage low blood sugar levels. 

hypoglycemic diet

Following a properly balanced diet that helps manage your glycemic load and balance your blood sugar can lead to weight loss, increased energy levels, stabilized mood & hunger, and even help with those at early risk for diabetes. The hypoglycemic diet plan includes a structured online plan that helps you get the right start.

You'll learn the right way to safely and easily modify your diet, use weekly "print & go" low sugar shopping lists, and track your progress with a superb interactive progress tracker. Perfect for diabetics and those looking for health benefits from moderating blood sugar levels.


In addition to the hypoglycemic / low sugar diet plan, there are a couple of other plans that may also apply to your needs depending on your situation. These include:

eDiets Memberships are $3.99/week. About half what many of its competitors charge.Online Hypoglycemic Diet Plans

Direct link: Hypoglycemic Diet Plan – Free Online Profile

Members receive a personalized weight loss and nutrition program that's specifically designed to work for your lifestyle and goals. With e Diets, you'll receive weekly meal plans, helpful tips for staying healthy and gaining energy, and even grocery shopping lists and menu recommendations. Unlike some competing services, eDiets doesn't offer or require its members to purchase its own branded foods–all foods are real foods available at your neighborhood grocery store. There's even your own personal virtual trainer.

Editors Comment: Other than marketing spin and branding, there's very little differentiating the hypoglycemic diet plan and its more popular cousin the Glycemic Index Diet. Both feature low-sugar (diabetic friendly) balanced meals that focus on the right mix of carb friendly (good carb) foods. While the glycemic index plan sometimes call for looking if a food is a low GI food index, the hypoglycemic diet cuts right to the basics of sharing safe food lists. Its a little more direct in its approach to providing a diabetic focused plan – while the glycemic index is a natural balance but not a treatment for type II diabetes nutrition. If you're primary goal is insulin balance and have very specific diabetes concerns, the hypoglycemic plan or the very targeted type II diabetes diet make sense. Otherwise the more robust and balanced glycemic index plans (which also offer delivery options) earn our recommendation.


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